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Boiler trouble? Call MPH Plumbing & Heating on 0292 169 0006. We’re the boiler repair specialists in Cardiff & Surrounding areas!

At MPH Plumbing & Heating, we specialise in all boiler systems— gas and electric. If you need boiler repair services in Cardiff, you can count on our certified engineers to help with all of your boiler needs!

Our experienced gas engineers are ready to handle all of your boiler issues, including leaking steam vents, pressure problems, and insufficient heating. We’ll also determine the cause of any strange noises coming from your unit. If we find that your boiler is beyond repair, or if it is dangerously old, we will replace your unit for you.

To get started, contact us at 0292 169 0006 and schedule an appointment. Our Cardiff heating specialists are looking forward to helping you with all your boiler repair needs.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

You should always be aware of how your boiler normally functions and take note of any changes in its performance. You will notice changes much more quickly during the winter.
Be on the lookout for these common trouble signs:

  • Unfamiliar sounds coming from your boiler
  • Water accumulation on or around the unit
  • Faulty thermostat—this is a seemingly small problem that can quickly cause your boiler to overheat and stop working entirely

Older boilers are also more likely to breakdown and have more issues as their parts gradually wear out. They are often not as energy-efficient as newer models, so continuing to use an outdated boiler may be costing you on your monthly energy bills. Our engineers will help you choose the ideal new boiler and install it for you.

Prompt Boiler Repair

We recommend that you immediately contact our engineers at the first sign of any boiler trouble. Most boiler problems can be quickly remedied, and the parts replaced, as long as the problem is not permitted to escalate. Ignoring problems can lead to a complete breakdown of the system in a very short amount of time, which will leave you without heat.

Be proactive about your boiler problems and call for professional help to extend the life of your heating system. If you’re looking to replace your old boiler, let us know and we’ll be happy to recommend and install a more energy-efficient model for you. Our friendly engineers handle all boiler issues large and small, and we get them done right the first time.

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Let us know immediately if you’re having boiler problems. Call us on 0292 169 0006 today.


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